One Week, no Eating Out.

So I’ve survived a week without buying any non-grocery food items. No vending machine sodas, no lox bagels, fast-casual lunches or Starbucks cappuccinos. I estimate I saved about $75. That’s $300 a month, and basically, a car payment.

We have my dad’s retirement celebration coming up at a nice restaurant this week, and I find myself really looking forward to that. I think that when you’re not spending money on restaurants/coffee shops everyday, eating out takes on a new and exciting significance.

I’ve made a bunch of pre-packaged food, so I have no excuse to go out.

Author: TheDailyHumdrum

I make arrestingly mundane observations and feel the need to share them in a public forum. Mostly, I want to keep track of the small things that make up my life.

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