Vacation Site-Seeing Fever

The Farm Trail at Shelburne Farms

Almost every time I’m on vacation, I’m struck by an acute and unfortunate need to see and do as much as possible. And I want to see only the “best” of everything; I want to see the river from the best possible spot or the ultimate fall foliage, even if it means driving an hour out of the way. I want to do the best scenic drive and see the city’s prettiest streets and nicest parks. This is unfortunate because I spend a lot of time in a state of low-grade (sometimes high-grade) anxiety intricately planning everything, and then wondering if I’m really doing the best of whatever it is I’m currently doing.

We went to Vermont for about 48 hours and saw: Shelburne Farms, Burlington Waterfront Park, Church Street Pedestrian Mall, Oakledge Park, the Burlington Earth Clock, the town of Waterbury, the Ben and Jerry Factory, Monpelier and Killington. Looking back, what I really would have enjoyed would have been to stay at a rural bed and breakfast (the kind that serves a hot, home-made breakfast) about 30 minutes outside of Burlington, an entire day walking the trails and enjoying the landscape and animals at Shelburne Farms, and maybe a nice, leisurely walk along the Lake Champlain bike trail. Next time. I’m writing this down so that next time I’m struck with the site-seeing-best-of-everything-craze I’ll remember that it’s better to enjoy a few things in depth than many things shallowly. I want to try a different and more laid-back approach to vacation.

In any case, Vermont is so beautiful it almost looks fake.  My husband has family in upstate New York, and it’s given us a chance to explore this part of the country on a regular basis. I’ve lived in the suburbs most of my life, and I love spending time in a more rural place.

Author: TheDailyHumdrum

I make arrestingly mundane observations and feel the need to share them in a public forum. Mostly, I want to keep track of the small things that make up my life.

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