You Got This, Mama.

I just want to say that I really hate cheerful encouragement, particularly within an athletic context: “You got this! You can do it! You’re doing great! Keep going! Keep it up! High five!”

And worst of all: “You got this, Mama!”

The latter combines both my dislike of enthusiastic words of encouragement AND my dislike of moms referring to each other as “Mama.” I only want my baby calling me Mama.

It all kind of feels like getting one of those cheap participation trophies at the end of the soccer season.

I know it would be pretty ogreish to ask well-meaning people to stop with the one-line pep talks, so I don’t. I’m sure it says more about me than them.

But God it annoys me.

Author: TheDailyHumdrum

I make arrestingly mundane observations and feel the need to share them in a public forum. Mostly, I want to keep track of the small things that make up my life.

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